What I’ve Been Up To

I have tried to write some grand posts, some things I’ve been learning. But I’m just getting started. So, let’s talk about that from now on.

I am working on Python, both through a Udemy course and the PY4E program. Yes, it seems odd to me to to use two different resources, but I am finding if I do one for a bit, catch up to the other, it helps to reinforce what I am learning. It is helpful that both instructors are good and easy to listen to. A lot so far is familiar to me, but as someone not using it regularly until now, review has been extremely helpful.

What this has gotten me so far is a fairly simple program that will let my kids name some dinner places and then randomly choose one via a list index.

Did I redo TensorFlow? No. Should I be able to right now? You’re goddamn right wait, no, I’m doing that thing where I get frustrated with my progress again. That is a problem I’ll talk about later. And often. It’s a thing with me.


What I did do was take a practical problem (my kids can’t make a decision, ever, about anything) and solve it. That is programming, I think.

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