Tableau Resume Project

Nice, right? This was a project I did a while back in Tableau that now resides on my Tableau Public page. The interactivity on it should work, so take a look. I have an Anthony Bourdain viz that I like a lot – it is simple, but I feel it conveys the story I was telling. (The formatting will probably be better on there, too.)

The best part about this, for me, was not so much the actual work in Tableau, but rather having to stop and think about where I was going to put the various elements to tell the story that I wanted to tell. All in all, I am pleased with the results.

And yes, I’m learning Hebrew. I’m not Jewish, but the wife is Israeli and I’d like to know what her family is saying about me.

What I’ve Been Up To

I have tried to write some grand posts, some things I’ve been learning. But I’m just getting started. So, let’s talk about that from now on.

I am working on Python, both through a Udemy course and the PY4E program. Yes, it seems odd to me to to use two different resources, but I am finding if I do one for a bit, catch up to the other, it helps to reinforce what I am learning. It is helpful that both instructors are good and easy to listen to. A lot so far is familiar to me, but as someone not using it regularly until now, review has been extremely helpful.

What this has gotten me so far is a fairly simple program that will let my kids name some dinner places and then randomly choose one via a list index.

Did I redo TensorFlow? No. Should I be able to right now? You’re goddamn right wait, no, I’m doing that thing where I get frustrated with my progress again. That is a problem I’ll talk about later. And often. It’s a thing with me.


What I did do was take a practical problem (my kids can’t make a decision, ever, about anything) and solve it. That is programming, I think.