Hello and Welcome!

Hello there. Thanks for stopping by.

I will be honest with you – the format as we begin is going to be a little loose. Some will be posts about my data journey. Data visualizations will be part of the mix. I am also very interested in the role that data analysis plays in clinical trials.

Part of my real-world job is to evaluate sites and countries on (partly) the speed and accuracy of the data entry to our EDC system. I look forward to discussing this, in broad terms, and hope to have a discussion online about it as well.

Then again…some might be about books. Learning is something that I do and will work on as well and not all of it will be data related. Just as an example, I am currently trying to learn to speak Hebrew, which my partner and her family speak.

I hike and take random pictures. I run less than I should, meditate when I don’t skip, and go to yoga when it is convenient. Oh, just learned to ride a motorcycle. So there will be some of this, too.

A legit question: Why not just have a data blog and be done with it?

Because while data science and my journey will be a focus, it is not the entirety of me. I would like this page to be a conversation with other people. A bold goal for someone at the beginning, but bold goals will also be the point here as well.

The picture above was from Sunday. On Friday, I could not ride. Period. I was bold and now I have a license and the itch to do more. I will get into some other goals that I have in future posts. But let’s just say I’d like to start 100 day challenges for about 7 things – full two years worth of commitment. I need to take a breath and plan. Possibly more than one.

I am humbled you stopped to read this. Thanks very much. It’ll be a hoot.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty; let’s get this show on the road.