#MakeoverMonday Week 33

Following up my Makeover Monday Tableau post for Week 33. It featured the travel information for the late Anthony Bourdain’s shows. The data was supplied by Christine Zhang (@christinezhang).

I enjoyed Bourdain’s shows and was saddened by his death, as were many others. For me, it was his humanity when traveling to places. He did not let his money, fame, or skills get in the way of good food and a good story.

For my viz, I wanted to show more than just the places and to see in more general terms where he went. In other words, going to Tokyo is fine, but where else did he go in that region? Oceania? Europe? Also, it would be interesting to see as a television production if the regions are grouped.

My roadmap was this:


Couple things in the details I need to learn still. Particularly “This is episode X of season Y and was the A of B shows in [Region]”. Still a process. Final edition and link to the interactive viz is below.


(I know that title sucked.)